Dilemmas between screens and pages.

Why I am writing these stories? Well, mostly for myself. Revisiting notes of the books, I find that I can recapture all the knowledge that passed by during the year.

Also, I am on the quest to read a thousand books in a lifetime, inspired by the words by George…

A little late, but here it is. An overview of all the books I read, with the reviews and ratings I gave them.

Why I am writing about this? Well, mostly for myself. I find it helps to deepen my knowledge to recall everything I read during the year. Also…

Je hebt het vast wel eens gehoord. We moeten innoveren. Maar waarom?

Misschien weet je niet veel van technologie, dus dan kan je niet echt helpen, toch? Waarom zouden we trouwens dingen veranderen als er niks fout gaat? Zo zijn er tal van vragen en gevoelens die opkomen zodra het woord innovatie langskomt.

In dit stuk hoop ik een aantal misvattingen over…

In 2019, the global percentage of internet users will rise above 50%. The digital illiterate will become the minority. How can our governments better exploit this opportunity to inform, consult and include civilians in their decision-making processes?

Most institutions have embraced the digital opportunities out there. Social media, online markets and Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are ways to include a wider audience. …

Yvo Hunink

Design goes where complexity takes it. Working on the boundaries of chaos and order, so that we can create a world of justice and peace @ City of The Hague

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